Abracadabra Magic and Costume Shop opened its doors in 1995. It is the only magic shop north of Milwaukee and is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, Houdini's Hometown. The store is an independent store, in no way affiliated with the Abrcadabra Magic chain. It is owned and opperated by Rondini, a professional magician from Appleton. Abracadabra specializes in magic effects for beginners to advanced and costume sales and rentals.

Costume Shop  
  Sexy Costumes
  Easter Bunny
  Latex Foam Appliances
  Teeth, Fangs, Horns
  Halloween Music
  Lobe Strobes Blinky Lights
  Halloween/ Haunted Effects
  Fun Costumes
  Harry Potter
  Costumes on Special Sale
Magic Shop  
  Assorted Magic
  Coin and Money Magic
  Card Magic
  Houdini Items
  Balloon Animals
  Card Tricks
  Wizard School
  Fire Effects
  Juggling Supplies
  Magic Kits
  Large Illusions
  Stage & Platform
  Ventriloquist Figures
  Used Magic
  Discounted magic items
  Star Wars
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