Welcome event planners!!

If you are planning a birthday for your child, a corporate event, a community celebration, or a major fund raiser, throughout thirty years of working with event planners, Rondini has compiled a few questions that any person planning an event should think about..

First, what type of an event are you planning? Rondini can perform magic several different ways. Close up magic, also known as street magic, is designed for smaller groups and can be performed within inches of the eyes. Close up magic is performed with cards, coins and smaller objects and can transform a boring cocktail hour into a magical 6o minuets. Close up magic also works great before or after a show. If you are having a large event, Rondini can also suggest several other magicians to "work the room."

How big of a show do you want? With almost 30 years of performance experience, Rondini can perform a small stand up show or a larger show with one or two larger illusions and assistants. If desired, he can also help plan the entire event, from magical decorations in the hall, to magical gifts. If you are looking for a fund raiser or a special event Rondini can also perform a major theatrical show in an auditorium. He has performed under just about every type of situation imaginable and will put his experience to work for you so you get a memorable performance. Remember, the bigger the show, the more room that will be required for the equipment.

How can a great kids entertainer perform a magic show for an adult function? Rondini performs shows for adult corporate parties, colleges and conventions on a regular basis. If you want to see what other adult groups thought of his show, please click on “testimonials”.

We had a terrible magician one year, why should we hire another magician? Sadly, this is the thought of some event planners. Have you ever gone to a terrible movie? Do you still go to movies? Have you ever hired a bad band? Did you get a different band in subsequent years? You best way to avoid hiring a bad entertainer, magician, juggler, clown, comedian, etc. is to ask yourself:

Have you checked credentials? If talking to other performers, make sure to check their credentials. Some performers call themselves “Wisconsin’s number one magician” or a “Master Magician” without having the years of performance experience it takes to earn that title. Make sure to ask them how many years they have been performing and how many shows a year they do on average. Make sure to ask for a list of previous clients and if you can have a copy of letters of recommendation. Beware!! Some performers have list of “testimonials” on their web site but make sure to read between the lines. Some testimonials simply say: “Wonderful job, the best performer ever” but then have no company or client name!! Other performers list on their site performances they have done, but when examined closely it is obvious that the performances were free. Would you trust your event to performers with hardly any experience? Rondini can easily provide you with clients he has entertained for many years in a row and he has performed 200-350 shows a year for the past 30 years!! What does that say to you? Lastly, please compare performers fairly. Prices for performances vary greatly based on content, experience, and amount of equipment brought to the booking. When you book some performers, they show up with a single, small suitcase for their show. Rondini can be booked to perform a similar show. However, he can also bring live animals including a 40" macaw parrot, magic to music, large illusions, a professional sound system, backdrop, balloon animals for the kids, his own stage, a cast and crew of up to 10, and almost 30 years of performance experience. If you want, Rondini can also bring face painters and clowns to your event.

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