If you are in need of raising money for your group, Rondini has been performing large scale shows for various groups such as Optimist Clubs, the VFW, Kiwani's as well as various school & civic groups. He can perform shows of all different sizes from a basic, one person, 45 minute show, to a full-blown 90 minute stage spectacular with assistants, large illusions and live animals. Another option only Rondini offers you is his combo show which normally involves a 45-60 minute magic & illusion show, and then after a brief intermission, his hilarious 60-70 minute hypnosis show.

Watch video footage of Rondini performing at some of his fundraiser shows.

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We suggest two options for your fund raiser:
-Rondini is paid his fee for his performance. You select the fee for admission and you keep 100% of the ticket sales.
-Rondini is paid a smaller fee than his normal fee, but gets 40% of the ticket fee.

Think about it. If your group wants to raise some serious money, a live show can not be beat. If you charge $8 per ticket and manage to fill a small auditorium of 700 people, you can easily raise thousands of dollars in one evening. If you are ambitious, you can also sell advertisements in programs you create & (sell at the show?) and if desired, Rondini will even be available to autograph the programs for free after the show!!

Contact Rondini NOW to start arranging his performance and watch as the money almost “magically appears” for your group. For questions, please email abramagic@juno.com or call Rondini at 920-731-3553 or 920-830-8754

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Click on the images below to see footage of Rondini's annual show at the Grand Opera House in Oshkosh.
Dial Up
High Speed
For questions and additional ticket information, please email abramagic@juno.com

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