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  • An audience and the space in which to do the show.
    That's it. Rondini's shows are totally self contained.
    He has his own sound system, lights, and if needed
    for outdoor shows he can even provide his own stage.
    Rondini normally prefers a performance space of
    16'x16' but because he has over twenty years of
    experience he has learned to be flexible. He might
    begin the day performing in the corner of a basement
    in someone's home for a birthday, travel to a park
    and perform surrounded in the afternoon for a festival,
    drive to a banquet hall and perform as entertainment
    for an adult corporate show and end the night on a
    stage performing for 2000 people.

Why hire Rondini?

  • Rondini has been entertaining since 1977 and uses that experience to provide you quality entertainment.

  • Rondini offers professional shows suitable for all ages.

  • The shows can be customized for your group. For example an anti-drug message of motivational message
    can be used in the patter of most tricks.

  • Lastly, many of Rondini's shows are for groups that have had him for over 10 years in a row. Other performers
    might be able to give you dates of performances they have performed for. Please remember if you are considering
    other performers to ask for letters of recommendation or the names and places you can contact, a list of previous
    performances, and most perhaps most importantly, how many times they have performed for the event or group!
    This advise is offered because a lot of performers might have a list of places they have performed, but doesn't
    it mean more to see if those places have invited them back?

Milwaukee Summerfest 1999

Are magic shows just for kids?

  • Some performers are strictly a "children's entertainer." Rondini has become well known as both a children's
    entertainer as well as a highly sought after featured entertainer for adult groups. At his adult shows, humor and
    drama mix together for a memorable night. He might perform a hilarious mind reading act and then perform the
    death-defying razor blade swallowing effect. He has performed for major corporate groups, weddings tour 
    groups and was featured entertainer for the Governor of Wisconsin at the conference on tourism.

Where will Rondini travel?

  • This Solar System preferred, other galaxies considered.

What is Strolling Magic and what are Wandering Performances?

  • Strolling magic works great if you do not have the facilities or a
    desire to have a crowd of people watching a performance. Rondini
    can stroll your event performing magic with cards and coins right
    where the people are. Strolling magic also works great before a show
    to remind people about an upcoming show. If desired, Rodini can
    dress formally or he can bring his friend "Clyde the Bunny".

  • Wandering Performances can be used as a way of letting people
    know about the show schedule on the Family Stage. Rondini can set
    up these types of shows anywhere and under any conditions. If you
    desire, he can bring his RONDINI MOBILE and perform shows
    next to it. This is a great way to generate excitement about the shows.

Click on the images below to see Rondini and Clyde in action.
Dial Up
High Speed

Can Rondini appear at our Parade or Grand Opening?

  • Yes, Rondini can appear at your grand opening or parade as a formal magician,
    or with his friend Clyde the bunny. He can also bring along the RONDINI MOBILE. 


Rondini's availability for bookings.

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How far in advance do we need to book Rondini?

  • At times someone might call and he might be available on a moments notice. Other times
    he is booked for a date two years in advance. The best advice is to call ASAP to reserve your date.

To contact Rondini e-mail or call 920-731-3553 or 920-830-8754

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